We are not just number crunchers. We will assist you in making sense of the figures and providing you with quality and timely information to make informed decisions which is especially crucial in this difficult economic climate.


Are you worried about your BAS obligations? Help is at hand. At Books On Clouds we can assist with the preparation and lodgment of your Business Activity Statements and we promise to make lodgment time as stress free as possible for you. Being Registered BAS Agents we can lodge your BAS online and efficiently. We can also obtain a four weeks extensions on your lodgment and payment dates.

Accounting, Management Accounts and Budgets

Management Accounts and Budget reports prepared accurately and on a timely basis can be a source of vital information for business owners to review the cost of business operations, to identify necessary and unnecessary expenditures, for cash flow purposes, to make better business decisions and to increase returns. These reports are commonly used by business owners as future financial road maps.

Accounting Systems

A very important decision but which can also be confusing for many businesses is deciding on the accounting/bookkeeping software to purchase. We regularly assist clients in choosing the best software to suit their business and in setting up the system.


Payroll is a non core function and is a very time consuming activity. We offer a cost saving service that allows your business to make the most efficient use of it’s resources.

Virtual CFO Functions

Finding and employing the right person for a CFO position within your business can a difficult and costly exercise.
We can be your solution to this problem. We are highly trained and dedicated Accountants with the skills and knowledge to be your External CFO and our fees would only be a fraction of the salary of an in house CFO.

Taxation Advice

Navigating through the Australian Taxation System can me a daunting and onerous task.
In partnership with MConsulting Chartered Accountants we provide expert Tax advice and solutions at an affordable price. You can be confident that you will be receiving the best tax advice which will result in optimal tax outcomes whether you are an individual, partnership, trust, company or SMSF.